6 questions to ask before outsourcing your social media.

Not enough hours in the day to manage your social media accounts? While outsourcing may be the best solution, who you choose to do the work is a serious decision. Your online reputation can either support or hurt your goals. So if you do decide to outsource your online presence it’s a good idea to interview social media managers or companies to make sure they are a good fit for your brand. To help you here are 6 questions we recommend asking.

1. Is your content original?

All too often social media managers post generic content that may even be used for multiple clients. Ideally, you want personalized original posts that reflect your brand, field, message, or tone.

2. Where do you get media assets like photos, video, or sound?

The use of copyrighted media without permission can result in bans by some online platforms and possibly fines. However, some online design platforms like Canva do have a free library for creators to use. Find out where the media being used for your post is coming from and what permissions for use come along with them.

3. How often do you post?

When and when. There are numerous studies on frequency and the best times to post for successful exposure and engagement. Find out what scheduling method a social media manager uses and if they strategically plan the time of day they post?

4. How do you monitor the posts?

A good social media manager ‘listens’ to the media they post. Once a post is sent out, the audience may engage by replying or asking questions. Is there a strategy in place to respond to those engagements?

5. May I approve the content of posts before they are shared?

You should be aware of what content is being shared about you or your business. Content creators may have limited information about your work particularly if it is industry specific. Ask to review posts before they are sent out to make sure they are factually accurate.

6. What is your cancellation policy?

You may find a social media manager that answers all the above questions well, but after using them for a period of time you realize they aren’t producing the results you had hoped for. Granted you’ve set clear expectations at the beginning of your contract, but things just aren’t working out, you need to know if you can cancel. Don’t get stuck in a long term contract if you have to cancel.


Outsourcing your social media management is a decision that should be taken seriously. Interviewing potential vendors makes sense when your online reputation is at stake. Meeting an audience online is no different than meeting them in person- confirming you only have one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it’s your best self that shows up directly or indirectly through an agent.

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